Update on Hung Sessions and Xenapp 6 shadowing workaround

The other day I talked about hung sessions and a fix ( http://www.charliemaurice.com/?p=54 ).  For us, we now have found the underlying problem….printers.  Shocker I know.  So for us, once we kill the citrix print service and the spool service for a few minutes it will automatically clear out the sessions.

My buddy Josh has come up with a solution for getting around not being able to shadow a session if the shadowee or shadower has multiple monitors.  Remote Assistance!  I tried it out and it works great!  Thanks Josh!  Here is a link to his blog and how to set it up:  http://joshuasmueller.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/dual-monitoring-shadowing-in-xenapp-6/



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