Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop/Terminal Server DPI Changes

We were having a problem where our users couldnt change the font scaling on their own. The options were greyed out and unusable (even as an administrator). For many months there were discussions on various forums about it. We had another user ask about it recently so I decided to see if there were any […]

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Automating DCOM permissions for Remote Assistance (for use with Xenapp) using GPO’s

Im in the process of setting up our new Xenapp 6.5 environment, and I needed to figure out how to use a GPO to apply the dcom permissions for Remote Assistance usage in Xenapp to replace shadowing (the article I mentioned it was here: Second Paragraph). Today I sat down and figured it out. […]

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Update on Hung Sessions and Xenapp 6 shadowing workaround

The other day I talked about hung sessions and a fix ( ).  For us, we now have found the underlying problem….printers.  Shocker I know.  So for us, once we kill the citrix print service and the spool service for a few minutes it will automatically clear out the sessions. My buddy Josh has […]

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Citrix “disconnected” session hangup

Sometimes we have an issue where winlogon.exe, csrss.exe and logonui.exe are still running after a user logs off. This causes the user to not be able to log back in (we have a single session limit). The problem is you cant use the DSC to reset/log off the session. There is only one way I […]

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