IE10 Kills Sysprep

Thats right.  Even after IE10 being out for a few months, Microsoft has not acknowledged or fixed this issue.  The problem is that the registry points to the wrong spot for the IE10 DLL files.  In altiris, this manifested as the console saying “restarting computer to prepare for imaging” forever and the machine not doing […]

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Altiris DS 6.9 SP4 imaging task fails with Incorrect Function

I searched a long time for this.  It appears to be a bug that is fairly uncommon.  Here is what I did to fix it.  Modify Configuration -> TCP/IP -> Advanced -> Static Routes.  I deleted them, then reboot the machine and reimage.  Wholla!  Task works again. Mike Rowland on the Symantec forums gave me the idea.  Here […]

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