Updating OSD WinPE boot images in SCCM to be 4k aware

I finally updated my winpe 3.0 boot images to be 4k aware as all our new machines have the new 512e drives in them. If you are using the 3.1 boot images, you are already set.  The process was actually really painless. Here are the directions I followed: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff794819.aspx and here are the hotfixes that […]

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Citrix “disconnected” session hangup

Sometimes we have an issue where winlogon.exe, csrss.exe and logonui.exe are still running after a user logs off. This causes the user to not be able to log back in (we have a single session limit). The problem is you cant use the DSC to reset/log off the session. There is only one way I […]

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Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (KB2416472) Stuck at 66% downloading using SCCM

Well this one has plagued us for a couple of weeks. Took a while to track down. Turns out that when you initially deploy this, it only downloads 2/3 packages (hence why it gets stuck at 66%). You can confirm this by finding the update (either in the update list, search folder, deployment, where ever…I […]

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