Exchange 2010 Upgrade

Im in the process of upgrading our exchange 2003 server to 2010.  There is a whole 2 users who use it (myself and another MS admin).  The rest of our organization uses our linux mail server.  I ran into a few issues and thought I would put them all here.

I first started with this guide as a basis:

It worked great.  The only thing that was missing was to download and install the Filter Pack before you install exchange:

I got everything setup, and couldnt move my mailbox because of errors.  The first one was “This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items that were specified for this move request.” I tried to just up the number it allowed.  No dice.  New error.  So I then ran outlook.exe with /cleanreminders and /resettodobar options.  Took care of the next error.  Then I got “Fatal error MapiExceptionNoSupport has occurred.” That sounded bad.  I found this post: After running that program (from your desktop, NOT the server…needs .net 1.1 also!) mailboxes moved like cake!  In the process of doing the other handfull, but the new OWA rocks!

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