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Recently we began seeing  a problem where applications were deployed to a machine, but they were not displaying in software center.  Firing up the ConfigMgr toolkit, I saw the applications as applicable, but they weren’t being evaluated. If I created a new deployment with the exact same settings, then it would work just fine.  After lots and lots of digging and searching, I finally stumbled upon a solution here:

If you want to see if this is your problem, run the powershell script on an affected client. If it returns a non-zero value, this is your problem.  By creating a CI, you are able to find all clients with the issue. The script does require at least powershell 3.0 (but if you are deploying something, you really should be pushing WMF4.0, and here is how to install .net framework 4.5 before you push WMF4:  After creating a baseline with an auto-remediate, I was able to fix all the computers in our environment.

Filed under: Microsoft, SCCM | Posted on January 27th, 2016 by CharlieMaurice

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