Debugging Blue Screens (BSOD)

We have been having troubles with our xenapp 6 farm randomly going into a vicious reboot cycle. Nearly all of the farm will just start rebooting itself. In the event log was a 3b bluescreen which is pretty unhelpful by itself. In order to find the culprit, I needed to run windbg. Its actually very easy to do.

Start by downloading it. Its part of the SDK. This link gets you the lite installer: Download and run that, then install the debugger. You dont need anything else from there if you dont want it. After thats downloaded and installed, start windbg and then choose File -> Symbol File Path. In there, put SRV*c:\symbols* (you can change c:\symbols to any path you want). Then OK out of that and click File -> Open Crash Dump and point it to the dump file (in our case it was c:\windows\memory.dmp, you can find the location in the event log for the BSOD event). With any luck it will give you a best guess as to the cause of the problem. In our case it was Altiris causing our reboots.

Or you can take the easy way out and download BlueScreenView from Nirsoft =D

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