Citrix “disconnected” session hangup

Sometimes we have an issue where winlogon.exe, csrss.exe and logonui.exe are still running after a user logs off. This causes the user to not be able to log back in (we have a single session limit). The problem is you cant use the DSC to reset/log off the session. There is only one way I have found (besides rebooting) to kill the sessions.

First, find the session numbers in the citrix DSC of the offending sessions, then kill winlogon.exe for those sessions (I log into the server, then add the session number column to task manager, but there are otherways such as tasklist/taskkill from the command line).

After you kill that, it should kill the other two process. I would not recommend trying to kill csrss as it sometimes will blue screen the machine. Now the DSC might say the session is still there even with no running processes for that user/session. At this point, restart the “Citrix Independent Management Architecture” service on the machine. This should clear out the session for good.

*EDIT* Little update on this issue posted here:

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  1. Samir Tocchetto Says:

    In some cases , the microsoft Hotfix (KB2383928) solve this issue. BUT, if you use the Citrix UPM, i’m with a Citrix support case opened since february, and we are still working in a solution.

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