WMI fails after a few weeks on RDS/Xenapp Servers

We were having an issue where WMI would start to fail on us after about 2 weeks. Sometimes it was a week, sometimes 2.5, but always right around 2 weeks the servers would be hosed and the only fix was to reimage them.

I posted in the Citrix forums, and got some pointers that eventually led in the right direction. I figured out that WMI was getting corrupted by running the following command: winmgmt /verifyrepository So the problem came with why was it getting corrupted.  I was able to find a forum post somewhere that mentioned that RSoP logging was stored in WMI, so was hoping it was that easy of a fix.  And indeed it turns out that GPO logging was the culprit.  After turning it off we never had a problem again.  To turn of RSoP logging using Group Policy, go to: Computer -> Administrative -> System -> Group Policy and the relevant key is “Turn off Resultant Set of Policy logging.” Change that to enabled and should be set to go.

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